DIY Wednesday: Bedazzled Wine Glass

The celebration of 21st birthdays has begun with my friends. I love giving homemade gifts, so I thought a bedazzled wine glass would be a classy way for my friend Bridie to celebrate. Whether this gift is for a lady turning 21 or 51, I think it will be something she uses many times, paired with many bottles of wine and lots of great laughter.

This project is inexpensive and simple. All you need are: 1 package of multicolored jewels with a variety of shapes and sizes; 1 package of small round clear rhinestones; E600 glue; 1 wine glass; 1 toothpick. You could really use any glass of your choice…a martini glass would be fabulous, too.

Let’s get started!

I began by choosing the larger jewels and gluing them randomly around the foot of the wine glass with my E600. I like to call E600 my crafting weapon…this stuff can be used for literally everything!

After I glued some of the larger jewels in place, I began to fill in with a few smaller ones. I tried to cover as much of the foot of the glass as possible…almost as if I were making a mosaic!

DIY Bedazzled Wine Glass

Once there was barely any clear glass visible I used my tooth pick to add in the small clear rhinestones between the spaces of the bigger jewels. The more bling the better! To give a finished look on the glass, I used my tooth pick to run a line of glue around the base of the stem. Then I added a line of the small, clear jewels.DIY Bedazzled Wine Glass

Ta dah! How snazzy is this wine glass? Perfect for celebrations and special occasions. Just be sure to inform the lovely lady receiving the glass to hand wash it so the rhinestones don’t fall off!

DIY Bedazzled Wine Glass

For extra bling I included this birthday pin in the package. You only turn 21 once, right?!

DIY Bedazzled Wine Glass

I’ve been mentioning this bedazzled wine glass as a perfect gift, but let’s be honest: you could absolutely make one of these for your fabulous self! There’s a quote that goes, “Live everyday like it’s your birthday.” Cheers to that!

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